Big dipper constellation in a dark blue sky

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  • Meet the Bell’s Planetarium Outreach Educator


    Katilin Ehret first worked at the Bell Museum as a student, and is currently our planetarium outreach educator.
  • Q & A With Sheena Jimmick


    Sheena Jimmick, a recent College of Science and Engineering graduate and Bell volunteer, worked this winter to develop an interactive gallery cart focused on the engineering evolution of telescope technology from 470 BC to the present.
  • Flying on Other Worlds


    Scott McWilliams, a senior in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College of Science and Engineering program, has worked in the Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium since May 2018. This semester he had the opportunity to design his own show for the dome, which he chose to focus on what…
  • Space Fest 2020 was Out of This World!


    What a fantastic weekend at the Bell! Space Fest dazzled again with nearly 2,000 people, including many Bell members, enjoying planetarium shows, hands-on activities from stomp rockets to lunar landers, guest speakers, volunteers, and exceptional partners.
  • Minnesota Skies: February 2020

    Published01/30/2020 , By Deane Morrison, Thaddeus LaCoursiere & Sarah Komperud

    A dazzling evening “star,” Venus comes out in twilight and sticks around long enough to outshine all the real stars against a dark sky.
  • Show Some Love This Valentine’s Day

    Published01/27/2020 , By Gretchen Zampogna

    This Valentine’s Day, we have gifts for the literal-minded—anatomically correct hearts, anyone?—and the romantic (try a guide to the night sky for sweet stargazing date).
  • Predicting the Future With Plants

    Published01/22/2020 , By Eve Daniels

    What do a rare coconut from the Seychelles and a 100-year-old wildflower from Minnesota have in common? This might sound like the setup to a bad botany joke, but there’s a serious connection between them. Found on only two islands in the world, the endangered double coconut is currently threatened…
  • Minnesota Skies: January 2020

    Published12/18/2019 , By Deane Morrison, Thaddeus LaCoursiere & Sarah Komperud

    Set against the cold morning sky, the warm red of Mars and its stellar counterpart Antares lends a note of cheer to the January darkness.
  • Like a Duck to Water

    Published12/17/2019 , By Eve Daniels

    Sushma Reddy’s earliest, most vivid memory with birds wasn’t in a tropical rainforest or a remote mountain range. It was in New York City. As she was finishing her undergraduate studies in environmental science at Barnard College, Reddy landed an internship at the American Museum of Natural History, which is…
  • Conserving Audubon’s ‘Birds’

    Published , By Don Luce

    No single person better represents the integration of science, art, and nature than John James Audubon (1785-1851). Read more about the eccentric genius behind Birds of America.