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  • A Curious Gift Guide

    Published11/20/2019 , By Gretchen Zampogna

    Explore a curated collection of unique gift specimens for the science geek, nature nut, and space case in your life. Member bonus: Get 20 percent off December 14–22!
  • 2019-20 Showcase Artist Michael Wilson

    Published11/08/2019 , By Michael Wilson

    As an Anishinaabe person, I have spent a great deal of time involved in seasonal harvesting and have been educated in our own relationship based school of science. For example, nets are set after the spring frogs are heard, an observed signal that the ambient temperature is rising and frogs…
  • Going to Bat for Biodiversity

    Published10/31/2019 , By Eve Daniels

    Curator Sharon Jansa sees the mammals collection as a window into understanding past biodiversity & how we can shape and approach the future.
  • Minnesota Skies: November 2019

    Published10/30/2019 , By Deane Morrison, Thaddeus LaCoursiere & Sarah Komperud

    Fall back and find out what you can see this month: both the morning and evening skies get an infusion of new planets.
  • 2019 Report to the Community

    Published10/18/2019 , By Denise Young & Brian Buhr

    Friends, When Minnesota legislators called for a state museum of natural history in 1872, they proved their smart and innovative thinking about the enduring role of nature to our wellbeing as a people and a state. Our research is at the forefront of describing and explaining environmental change and biodiversity,…
  • Bell Museum Hosts Minnesota’s First ‘Statewide Star Party’


    The Bell Museum invites stargazers across the state to participate in Minnesota’s first Statewide Star Party during the weekend of Friday, November 8 through Monday, November 11, 2019.
  • Minnesota Skies: October 2019

    Published09/30/2019 , By Parke Kunkle & Thaddeus LaCoursiere

    Find out what you can see this month: bright stars and planets, International Observe the Moon Night, and more.
  • Illuminating Forms: Shedding Light on Endangered Species

    Published09/26/2019 , By Gretchen Zampogna

    As part of the Bell Museum’s 2019-20 resident artist cohort, sculpture and fiber artist Anna Cerelia Battistini toured our collections and galleries to discover ways of connecting her art to our scientific specimens and other offerings.
  • Mapping Change: Set One Complete!


    Thanks to our dedicated transcribers, we’ve just finished our first dataset on our citizen science project, Mapping Change! 4,425 volunteers, 106,584 classifications & 17,713 specimen records!
  • Minnesota Skies: September 2019

    Published08/30/2019 , By Parke Kunkle & Thaddeus LaCoursiere

    Find out what you can see this month: Saturn, summer triangle, fall equinox, lunar highlights, and more.