Blue skies over the main entrance of the new Bell Museum.


Museum Accommodations

As we are fully committed to creating an inclusive environment at the Bell, we are proud to offer the following services or resources. For additional information or to request an accommodation, please contact the accessibility office at 612-624-4268 or

Physical design amenities

Accessible parking spaces are available close to the main building entrance. There is also a drop off area near the main entrance (before entering the parking lot).

Bathrooms with accessible stalls can be found on both floors of the museum. On the main floor is a gender neutral bathroom that also has an adult lift table.

Free wheelchairs and walkers are available for use anytime during your visit to the museum.

The planetarium offers a seating area for people using wheelchairs and size-inclusive seating options.

The museum also has a Quiet Room—a dedicated, single-use space available for families and individuals with sensory-sensitivities, nursing mothers, mothers who need to pump, as well as a private space for prayer or meditation.

Audio, visual and translation services

The Bell will schedule ASL interpreters as requested by visitors (contact the accessibility office at 612-624-4268 or in advance). We will also offer scheduled Planetarium shows with ASL interpretation.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are available for use in the Planetarium and at special events. A multi-language audio tour for permanent exhibits and learning landscapes is coming soon!

Our accessible website offers full-site translation and changeable font size/contrast settings—see the footer at the bottom of the page to adjust the settings to suit your needs.

Alternative formats for print and electronic materials, including large print and braille, are available upon request.

Sensory-friendly resources

Once a month, the museum hosts Sensory-Friendly Saturday events where we open 2 hours early to welcome visitors with sensory sensitivities to experience the museum and planetarium.

Visitors are welcome to check out additional resources like quiet spaces, visual timers, weighted lap pads, and hearing protection if it helps makes the visit more enjoyable. You may also download our Social Story to prepare for your visit.

Relaxed planetarium shows

We offer select shows designed for individuals who experience uncontrollable vocalizations, or who benefit from a judgement-free environment where everyone is released from traditional expectations about sitting still and staying silent.

Reduced pricing

Curiosity Memberships and Explore Passes: these discounted and free offerings increase access for qualifying visitors who participate in EBT, medical assistance programs like MinnesotaCare, Section 8 housing programs, WIC, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability, free/reduced lunch programs, Refugee Cash Assistance programs and General Assistance programs

Free admission for PCAs. Admission fees are not charged for on duty personal care assistants who accompany their clients to the museum.

The Bell Museum is also proud to be a Blue Star Museum, offering free admission to active duty military and their families. See the Hours & Admission page for details.


Our private events team is happy to connect you to approved caterers who can prepare food in accordance with religious dietary restrictions for special events.