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Scout Groups

The Bell Museum welcomes Scouting Groups!

The Bell Museum is now welcoming Scout Groups!

Scout groups of 15 to 25 may be eligible for discounted museum admission, which includes the Minnesota Journeys exhibits on the second floor, the Touch & See Lab and Collections Cove, and special exhibition galleries. For an additional fee, planetarium shows are also available.

A minimum group size of 15 or more (including youths and adults) is required to receive this discount. The admission and/or planetarium tickets must be purchased at least two weeks in advance and paid for in one lump payment.

At this time we are not offering special programming for Scout groups. If you would like educational materials to guide your museum visit, please ask for more information when booking.


$10 combo admission
$7 museum admission
$4 planetarium tickets

Adult chaperones

$15 combo admission
$10 museum admission
$6 planetarium ticket


For more information or to book, contact