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Planetarium Showtimes

Tour the cosmos and beyond in the Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium

To protect visitor and staff health and wellbeing, and in compliance with the state of Minnesota’s COVID-19 restrictions, we will temporarily close starting November 21, 2020.

Interested in exploring the cosmos with us from home? Check out our virtual offerings:

Constellation Hunters: Curious about the night sky and what constellations you can see? We’re posting Constellation Hunter videos to help you find constellations you can see from wherever you are (in the northern hemisphere). No telescope required!

Upcoming events: Mark your calendars for upcoming virtual planetarium shows, Star Parties and other live content.

Virtual planetarium shows and star parties: Missed a live virtual show or Star Party? We upload our programs onto YouTube for you to enjoy anytime.

We hope you’ll visit us again when we reopen to the public; below are some of the shows we offer in the planetarium.

Current Shows

Illustration of our solar system

Out of This World! 30 minutes

Recommended for all ages
Hop into the Bell Museum’s spaceship and tour the planets of our solar system. Investigate the phases of the Moon, be the first humans to land on Mars, and fly through the rings of Saturn. Discover your favorite planet, or moon, while learning what makes a planet a planet in the first place (sorry Pluto).

Orion constellation

Minnesota Night Skies, 30 minutes

Recommended for all ages
Join our planetarium staff as we take a look at the sky above Minnesota, including seasonal constellations, the Moon, and visible planets. There’s something in the sky for everyone.

Now showing!

Illustration of brain synapses

Mysteries of Your Brain, 30 minutes

Recommended for ages 8+
Mysteries of Your Brain takes you on an immersive, animated adventure into the human brain, exploring how the brain works and what makes human brains so special. Your tour guides on this journey are a curious girl and her crow companion—together you’ll zoom along the paths of neurons, fly through brains and experience illusions on a grand scale. You’ll learn how your brain makes you you and that, ultimately, we each have the power to change our brains.

With generous support from:
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Boston Scientific: Advancing science for life

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