• Career Exploration in Natural History: The Bell introduces a new internship program with a public outreach component

    Published09/14/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Springtime Birdwatching

    Published04/28/2021 , By Bob Dunlap, Past President, Minnesota Ornithologists' Union

  • Understanding a Diverse Environment through Data Collection

    Published04/13/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Reviving a Species — The Piping Plover

    Published02/04/2021 , By Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov

    Dr. Reddy is collaborating with Dr. Francesca Cuthbert, Professor, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, to study the genetics of all individuals of the Piping Plover population.
  • Dr. Sushma Reddy Contributes to Groundbreaking Research on Gentoo Penguins

    Published01/11/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

    By using museum specimens to study differences in Gentoo penguins, Dr. Sushma Reddy, the Bell Museum’s Breckenridge Chair of Ornithology, helped describe four new species of penguins.
  • Happy Plover Appreciation Day!

    Published09/14/2020 , By Anna Cerelia Battistini, RARP resident artist in 2019–2020

    When people ask why I chose to make artwork celebrating the piping plover during my residency at the Bell, my shortest answer is this: “it’s one of the cutest birds I have ever seen!” If you’re feeling blue, do yourself a favor and search for images of “baby piping plover.”…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Spring at Cascade River

    Published08/18/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    It’s June in northern Minnesota. The north woods are full of new life and growth as spring begins its transition into summer. The sights and sounds of the forest are set against the ambient crashing of the Cascade River’s upper falls.
  • Bird Bingo


    Explore #BellOutside by playing along with this game of Bird Bingo. How many of these birds can you spot in the Learning Landscape or in your own neighborhood?
  • Diorama Spotlight: Big Woods

    Published05/28/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    During early European settlement of this continent, French traders referred to the more than 2,000 square miles of hardwood forest in what is now south-central Minnesota as the “Big Woods.” Not only was the forest vast, but the trees that grew there were huge (or “big”)! Today, all that remains…
  • International Day for Biological Diversity

    Published05/18/2020 , By Adam Hartman & Heather Cummins

    As we kick off the first day of the week leading up to the International Day for Biological Diversity on Friday, let’s take a look at what it is and why it matters. The short version is that it’s a day the United Nations declared for increasing understanding and awareness…