• Don Luce’s Retirement: Leaving a Career and Legacy at the Heart of the Bell Museum

    Published07/23/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Receiving the 2020 Ross Merrill Award

    Published12/16/2020 , By Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov

    The Bell Museum is delighted to share that we have been selected by the American Institute for Conservation as the winner of the 2020 Ross Merrill Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections.
  • Diorama Spotlight: Elk at Inspiration Point

    Published09/29/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    Elk at Inspiration Peak is one of only two large dioramas at the Bell Museum to depict an autumn scene. The background, painted by Francis Lee Jaques in 1946, showcases the auburn, crimson, and amber leaves of the oak savanna from a unique perspective — above the landscape. Jaques’ painting…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Wolves at Shovel Point

    Published09/15/2020 , By Jennifer Menken, education collections manager

    Along the North Shore, April is a time when winter and spring battle. We see this in the Wolves at Shovel Point diorama: the ice is out but late spring snow still rests under the trees. Herring gulls circle over waves of Lake Superior looking for small fish and other…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Spring at Cascade River

    Published08/18/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    It’s June in northern Minnesota. The north woods are full of new life and growth as spring begins its transition into summer. The sights and sounds of the forest are set against the ambient crashing of the Cascade River’s upper falls.
  • Diorama Spotlight: Snow Geese at Lake Traverse

    Published06/24/2020 , By Adam Hartman

    In North America, few natural events mark the changing seasons as dramatically as spring waterfowl migration. As flocks of tens, even hundreds of thousands, of snow geese soar overhead to their summer breeding grounds in the Arctic, spring returns in the form of snow melt, new growth, and longer days.…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Moose at Gunflint Lake

    Published06/13/2020 , By Amber Kastner, Public Science Events Manager

    In northern Minnesota, where the southern hardwood trees give way to the boreal forests of Canada, a unique transition area provides habitat for some of our state’s most iconic species. Along the border in particular, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness protects many of these plants and animals from development…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Big Woods

    Published05/28/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    During early European settlement of this continent, French traders referred to the more than 2,000 square miles of hardwood forest in what is now south-central Minnesota as the “Big Woods.” Not only was the forest vast, but the trees that grew there were huge (or “big”)! Today, all that remains…
  • #museumathome with Animal Crossing


    We’re talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons across our social media platforms today.  Want to know more about the game and why museum folks—including our staff members—play? Jenny Stampe, associate director of public education and science learning, has some questions for her colleagues who play the game.
  • Diorama Spotlight: Beavers at Lake Itasca

    Published05/14/2020 , By Amber Kastner, public science events manager

    Completed in 1919, the Beavers at Lake Itasca diorama is the oldest in the current Bell Museum. After beginning its history in the Zoology building at the University of Minnesota, it was moved in 1940 to the former Bell Museum on Church Street before being transferred once more to its…