• Climates of Inequality: Centering Justice in Natural History


  • Panel Discussion, University-Tribal Partnerships to Support Sovereignty and Environmental Justice


  • Noticing Nature: Nature Journaling at the Bell

    Published04/12/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Panel Discussion, Landscapes of Environmental Justice: Learn More


    Learn more about environmental justice and the ways you can get involved with this list of resources
  • Space or Brain?


    In celebration of the Mysteries of Your Brain show, opening in our planetarium this weekend, we have a little quiz for you called “Space or Brain”! It might be harder than you think! Click the “Answer” tab to reveal!
  • Announcing Minnesota’s Second Annual Statewide Star Party


    When you look up at the night sky, do you ever wonder how different it would look under really dark skies? What others across the state can see compared to what you see in your town? We invite you to participate in Minnesota’s second annual Statewide Star Party November 9–14,…
  • City Stardust: Micrometeorites in Our Own Backyards


    Micrometeorites are some of the oldest matter that exists. Until recently, scientists searched for them only in remote places, such as the Antarctic, where pristine conditions ensured that these mineral specks really came from space. Experts assumed that it would be impossible to find micrometeorites in inhabited areas, where natural…
  • The Bell Celebrates Global Volunteer Month


    Volunteers are critical to all the Bell’s mission to ignite curiosity and wonder, explore our connections to nature and the universe, and create a better future for our evolving world. Our mission depends on dedicated volunteers to engage visitors as docents, gallery cart assistants, and in our astronomy programs. For…
  • Congratulations to our Graduates


    All the education and outreach that goes on at the museum would not be possible without talented University of Minnesota students—from the Touch & See Lab and exhibit galleries to the ticketing desk, Curiosity Shop, Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium, scientific collections, and beyond. As the academic year comes to…
  • The Bell Gives Back


    Staff from the Bell Museum give what they can to University researchers and healthcare providers working to stop COVID-19.