• Don Luce’s Retirement: Leaving a Career and Legacy at the Heart of the Bell Museum

    Published07/23/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • BellArtFind


    Join in the fun of geocaching on the Learning Landscape When’s the last time you went on a treasure hunt? We challenge you to try geocaching to find a prize! We’ll have changing coloring sheets that will change out over time—can you collect them all? Get outside and observe the…
  • Climates of Inequality: Centering Justice in Natural History


  • Panel Discussion, Landscapes of Environmental Justice: Learn More


    Learn more about environmental justice and the ways you can get involved with this list of resources
  • Installations from Josh Winkler


    Opening Thursday, November 5 Join us inside and outside the museum to check out this set of installations from resident artist Josh Winkler. You’ll be able to see a large print from Winkler in Horizon Hall: The Late Great Pine Forests and Death By A Billion Cuts. This two-sided print…
  • Try geocaching at the Bell


    When’s the last time you went on a treasure hunt? Bell Museum resident artist Josh Winkler challenges you to try geocaching. Grab a smartphone, follow the steps below, and start searching!
  • Experiencing Minnesota’s Dark Night Skies

    Published07/10/2020 , By Gretchen Zampogna

    Mike Shaw, the Bell Museum’s fourth resident artist of 2019-20, is using his night sky photography to help people experience the night sky at various levels of darkness and light pollution, comparing the same view from sites across Minnesota to show the effect of city lights on our ability to…
  • Connecting to Nature

    Published06/25/2020 , By Gretchen Zampogna

    Josh Winkler, the Bell Museum’s third resident artist of 2019-20, uses a range of drawing, printmaking, and sculptural processes to build layered landscape narratives that ask viewers to consider the social, political, and environmental contexts of their surroundings. We chatted with Winkler to learn more about his plans. Also check…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Snow Geese at Lake Traverse

    Published06/24/2020 , By Adam Hartman

    In North America, few natural events mark the changing seasons as dramatically as spring waterfowl migration. As flocks of tens, even hundreds of thousands, of snow geese soar overhead to their summer breeding grounds in the Arctic, spring returns in the form of snow melt, new growth, and longer days.…
  • National Pollinator Week 2020

    Published06/22/2020 , By Heather, Gallery Programs Coordinator & MN Master Naturalist; Adam, Gallery Programs Assistant

    Pollinators play a key role in plant reproduction for the majority of flowering plant species. When pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, bats, birds, and many other insects visit flowers, they end up moving pollen from flower to flower, which results in plant fertilization. While some plants are able to self-fertilize,…