Try geocaching at the Bell

Join in the fun of geocaching on the Learning Landscape


Finding Connection

When’s the last time you went on a treasure hunt? Bell Museum resident artist Josh Winkler challenges you to try geocaching to find a prize. On Thursday, November 5, you’ll be able to grab a smartphone, follow the steps below, and start searching! Update: Coloring sheets based on a Winkler print will replace the prints when supplies run out, and these sheets will be refilled during business hours if they run out!

Winkler’s residency has explored interconnection within ecosystems, communities, and families, focusing on the ways we are experiencingJosh WInkler Geocache Print "Connection"—or not experiencing—nature in the present pandemic moment. With this activity, he urges us to get outside and observe the world around us, and he asks what it would take to make art accessible and available to anyone up for a walk in the woods. 

This activity is part of the exhibition Connecting to Minnesota’s Forests: Past, Present, Future, a set of installations examining connection in and with Minnesota’s forests, opening Nov 5.

Ready to start searching? 

  1. Download and install the free Geocaching® app (Android or iPhone).
  2. Search for Bell Art Find.
  3. Select it and tap “Navigate” to start hunting!
  4. When you’re within 25 feet of the cache, put your phone away and look around. Think, “Where would I hide something around here?”

Grab a selfie with what you find and share it using #BellOutside

Happy hunting!

Learn more here: 

Winkler’s blog about the project.

See a video of how he made the print used in our project kickoff.

The Bell’s Resident Artist Research Project program is made possible in part thanks to generous support from the McKnight Foundation.

When to visit

The geocaching challenge will begin on November 5, offering a fun opportunity for you to get outside and observe the world around us! Geocaching prizes are likely to go quickly but you can still visit Josh Winkler’s additional artwork displayed in Horizon Hall, the Minnesota Journeys gallery, and in the Learning Landscape.


Cache Locations

Josh Winkler has found two locations to house his caches of “Connection” prints. One installation is located at the Seven Mile Creek County Park between Mankato and St. Peter, Minnesota, and the second installation will be among the Bell Museums grounds. The location at the museum will switch to coloring sheets when the prints run out, and the coloring sheets will be refilled during business hours if they run out!