• Citizen Science Amidst the Pandemic: Virtual volunteer opportunities at the Bell

    Published09/29/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Noticing Nature: Nature Journaling at the Bell

    Published04/12/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Findings in the University of Minnesota Herbarium: Connecticut Charter Oak Leaf

    Published12/12/2020 , By Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov

    Undergraduate University of Minnesota Herbarium assistant Colin Robinson makes an interesting connection between a specimen in the collection and an iconic Connecticut symbol – on his first day on the job!  
  • Fall Bingo

    Published10/09/2020 , By Heather, gallery programs coordinator & MN Master Naturalist

    Explore #BellOutside by playing along with this game of Fall Bingo. How many of these squares can you complete in the Learning Landscape or in your own neighborhood?
  • Bird Bingo


    Explore #BellOutside by playing along with this game of Bird Bingo. How many of these birds can you spot in the Learning Landscape or in your own neighborhood?
  • National Pollinator Week 2020

    Published06/22/2020 , By Heather, Gallery Programs Coordinator & MN Master Naturalist; Adam, Gallery Programs Assistant

    Pollinators play a key role in plant reproduction for the majority of flowering plant species. When pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, bats, birds, and many other insects visit flowers, they end up moving pollen from flower to flower, which results in plant fertilization. While some plants are able to self-fertilize,…
  • Three Cheers for the Giant Water Bug

    Published06/17/2020 , By Holly Menninger, director of public engagement and science learning

    As you toast the fathers in your life this coming Father’s Day, let’s also give a nod to the dads across the animal kingdom who are caring for, protecting, and teaching the next generation of offspring.