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  • Minnesota Skies: March 2019

    Published03/01/2019 , By Parke Kunkle

    A planetary showcase, the seven sisters, and a super moon: find out what you can see this month!
  • Conserving Audubon’s ‘Birds’

    Published , By Don Luce

    No single person better represents the integration of science, art, and nature than John James Audubon (1785-1851). Read more about the eccentric genius behind Birds of America and how you can see his work in person at the Bell—for a limited time!
  • Weather to Climate: Our Changing World


    Thunderstorms. Blizzards. Tornadoes. We don’t get to choose the weather, but we’re having an impact on it. Learn the difference between weather and climate and how they are connected in this special exhibit. On view February 2 – April 28.
  • Curious Minds Welcome


    Tracing the natural history of Minnesota from the cosmos to the current day, we are an inclusive space that strives to make curiosity commonplace among all visitors.
  • Space Fest Recap


    Thanks to the thousands who participated in our Year of Apollo kickoff, celebrating all things space at Space Fest, January 19-20!
  • Minnesota Skies: February 2019

    Published01/28/2019 , By Parke Kunkle

    How to view the Winter Circle, er Oval, and more in the latest astro-news!
  • Happy New Year


    2018 was a wild ride, from moving the dioramas and finishing exhibits to finally opening the doors to the new Bell Museum on July 14.
  • Minnesota Skies: January 2019

    Published12/27/2018 , By Parke Kunkle

    Cosmic treats to ring in the new year: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars will be visible all month & a Super Moon total lunar eclipse on January 20… This and more in the latest astro-news!
  • Research Brief: Voyageurs Wolf Project

    Published12/13/2018 , By Andria Waclawski

    The Voyageurs Wolf Project has followed GPS-collared wolves from over seven different packs since 2015, but the “Bowman Bay” pack was recently caught displaying a unique behavior: hunting freshwater fish.
  • A Curious Gift Guide


    Explore a curated collection of unique gift specimens for the science geek, nature nut, and space case in your life. Member bonus: Get 20% off December 13-16!