Big dipper constellation in a dark blue sky

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  • Touch & See Lab at 50

    Published11/30/2018 , By Meleah Maynard

    Opened in 1968, the Touch & See Room was the first of its kind at any natural history museum in the country. Fifty years later, the revamped Touch & See Lab is now open in its new spacious, airy home in St. Paul.
  • Minnesota Skies: December 2018

    Published11/27/2018 , By Parke Kunkle

    More than a dozen times each year, you can witness “shooting stars” in an annual meteor shower. Don’t let the cold scare you away from the impressive the Geminid meteor shower in December. Also, see the latest in astro-news!
  • Call for Artists


    The Bell Museum is seeking four resident artists for the 2019-2020 cycle of our Resident Artist Research Project, open exclusively to artists living and working in Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Skies: November

    Published10/30/2018 , By Parke Kunkle

    How far can you see with the naked eye? Maybe a few tens of miles from a mountain top on a clear day? how about 2.5 million light years away to the Andromeda Galaxy?
  • Bell Field Notes Project


    As you work your way through the new Bell Museum, you may spot what looks like chalk drawings of creatures and concepts high up on the wall. Those represent “field notes”—a way that scientists and others record observations. By making notes, collecting specimens, and seeking evidence, scientists are able to…
  • Minnesota Skies: October

    Published10/02/2018 , By Parke Kunkle

    Be sure to enjoy the sweet but less-caloric treats in the October sky… Mars, Saturn, and the Northern Cross.
  • Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture


    Food does more than keep us alive. Meals are the places where families meet, business is conducted and where our senses are stimulated. Food connects us to the land, to cultural heritage, and to each other.
  • Minnesota Skies: September

    Published09/03/2018 , By Parke Kunkle

    Let’s compare the two brightest stars currently shining in Minnesota’s evening sky, Vega and Arcturus. Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation of Boötes, and its diameter is about 25 times that of the sun! Our star will look like this in a few billion years.
  • Minnesota State Fair


    The 12-day run of the Minnesota State Fair is a fantastic opportunity to get to know Minnesota’s one and only land-grant University. Find the Bell Museum across the fairgrounds during the run of the Fair.
  • Goldy at the Bell


    Get a special tour of the new museum courtesy of the University of Minnesota’s Biggest Fan: Goldy Gopher!