CSE graduate and Bell volunteer Sheena Jimmick

Q & A With Sheena Jimmick

Developing a cart activity for the Bell


Sheena Jimmick, a recent College of Science and Engineering graduate and Bell volunteer, worked this winter to develop an interactive gallery cart focused on the engineering evolution of telescope technology from 470 BC to the present. Before she proposed her cart activity idea, Jimmick served as a gallery cart volunteer to get a feel for how visitors interact at gallery carts and what kinds of activities tend to work well in this setting.

The cart activity Jimmick created is now complete and in the museum’s cart rotation, to be used for the general public and K–12 groups this winter and spring.

We set up a short Q & A with Jimmick to learn more about her project.

How/which did this project fulfill requirements for you?
This project fulfilled the requirements for my astrophysics senior thesis.

Where are you from?
I am from Minneapolis and currently live in St. Paul.

What did you study at the U and what was your final degree?
I majored in astrophysics and minored in mathematics at the U. My final degree was a bachelor of science in astrophysics, class of 2019.

Why did you pick this project?
I am extremely passionate about science education, so I wanted to pick a project that would further my knowledge of science education while fulfilling the astrophysics requirements. My hope is to one day make a career in a science museum, so collaborating with the Bell seemed like a perfect fit. (And it was!)

How long have you been volunteering at the Bell?
I have been volunteering since July 2019.

What are some of your favorite things about volunteering as a gallery cart volunteer at the Bell?
I really enjoy that every visitor interaction is different. I especially love when children are shy to approach but then become excited and animated as they participate.

"Multiple times I have had children come back to the cart a second time to tell me something else that they learned related to the cart or to show a friend or family member the cart activity. It is so rewarding."