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  • Minnesota Skies: July 2021

    Published06/23/2021 , By Deane Morrison

  • The Facing Change Initiative at the Bell Museum

    Published06/21/2021 , By Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov

    For years the Bell Museum has had the aspirational goal to be a museum for all people in the state, to be a welcoming and accessible place for all Minnesotans. Two years ago the museum was presented with the opportunity to dig deep into what that means and how to…
  • BellArtFind


    Join in the fun of geocaching on the Learning Landscape When’s the last time you went on a treasure hunt? We challenge you to try geocaching to find a prize! We’ll have changing coloring sheets that will change out over time—can you collect them all? Get outside and observe the…
  • Past Learning Landscape


    Visit us on our Learning Landscape where you can walk our paths, pause for a moment of zen, or work on your observation skills. When you visit, try some of the activities you find here. Or try them wherever you get outside in nature #BellOutside.  
  • Geomicrobiology Student Project: The importance of science communication

    Published05/29/2021 , By Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov

    Cara Santelli decided to incorporate science communication in her Geomicrobiology course to encourage students to strengthen their verbal skills.
  • Minnesota Skies: June 2021

    Published05/25/2021 , By Deane Morrison

  • Meet Natalie Kennedy

    Published05/20/2021 , By Nehwoen Luogon-Bojkov

    Get to know Natalie Kennedy, the Bell Museum’s new Director of Statewide Engagement.
  • Ancient Wood: Finding Natural History in Carver, MN

    Published04/29/2021 , By Emily Dzieweczynski

  • Minnesota Skies: May 2021

    Published , By Thaddeus LaCoursiere

  • Springtime Birdwatching

    Published04/28/2021 , By Bob Dunlap, Past President, Minnesota Ornithologists' Union