Big dipper constellation in a dark blue sky

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  • Installations from Josh Winkler


    Opening Thursday, November 5 Join us inside and outside the museum to check out this set of installations from resident artist Josh Winkler. You’ll be able to see a large print from Winkler in Horizon Hall: The Late Great Pine Forests and Death By A Billion Cuts. This two-sided print…
  • Try geocaching at the Bell


    When’s the last time you went on a treasure hunt? Bell Museum resident artist Josh Winkler challenges you to try geocaching. Grab a smartphone, follow the steps below, and start searching!
  • Minnesota Skies: November 2020

    Published10/26/2020 , By Thaddeus LaCoursiere and Deane Morrison

    Despite the recent (and ongoing) (and upcoming) snow, it’s still fall and as you shake off your sugar rush from the Halloween (physically distanced) festivities. In celebration of the season’s snow (and to try to distract from it), head out and take a look at some of these deep sky…
  • Bugs Outside the Bell!


    Visit us on our Learning Landscape where you can walk our paths, pause for a moment of zen, or work on your observation skills. When you visit, try some of the activities you find here. Or try them wherever you get outside in nature #BellOutside.  
  • A Batty October: Bat Week 2020

    Published10/24/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    Bat Week AND Bat Month—batception! With Halloween right around the corner, October is the perfect time to dial up the bat love by highlighting bats’ unique traits, charm, and ecological importance instead of the spooky stigmas that feed into their batty reputation.
  • Space or Brain?


    In celebration of the Mysteries of Your Brain show, opening in our planetarium this weekend, we have a little quiz for you called “Space or Brain”! It might be harder than you think! Click the “Answer” tab to reveal!
  • Fall Bingo

    Published10/09/2020 , By Heather, gallery programs coordinator & MN Master Naturalist

    Explore #BellOutside by playing along with this game of Fall Bingo. How many of these squares can you complete in the Learning Landscape or in your own neighborhood?
  • Lighting Up the Universe

    Published10/06/2020 , By Kaitlin Ehret, planetarium outreach educator

    Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to a bee buzzing around your flowers, or why the sky is blue? Have you ever wondered how astronomers can take two pictures of the same nebula and end up with vastly different images, or why those colorful nebulae look like…
  • Diorama Spotlight: Elk at Inspiration Point

    Published09/29/2020 , By Adam Hartman, gallery programs assistant

    Elk at Inspiration Peak is one of only two large dioramas at the Bell Museum to depict an autumn scene. The background, painted by Francis Lee Jaques in 1946, showcases the auburn, crimson, and amber leaves of the oak savanna from a unique perspective — above the landscape. Jaques’ painting…
  • Minnesota Skies: October 2020

    Published09/25/2020 , By Deane Morrison and Thaddeus

    October begins and ends with a full Moon. The first rises the evening of October 1, only about three hours past the exact moment of fullness. Following it into the eastern sky is Mars, now too bright to be washed out by any lunar luster. Over to the south, brilliant…