• In Bloom


    Check out our featured photo of the month.
  • Photo Gallery: 2018/19 Skynet Scholars


    Our Skynet Scholars program teaches middle and high schoolers to operate research-grade telescopes through the internet. See a gallery of their astronomical images!
  • Minnesota Skies: July 2019

    Published , By Parke Kunkle & Thaddeus LaCoursiere

    Find out what you can see this month: celebrating Apollo, a planetary showcase, the Summer Triangle, and more!
  • NASA Lunar Samples: July 16-28


    Hold samples collected by Apollo astronauts in your hands!
  • The Encounter

    Published06/14/2019 , By Meleah Maynard

    It’s been 20 years since Ian Dudley’s bronze sculpture of a moose and three wolves, The Encounter, was first installed in front of the Bell Museum. But only recently did the Lindstrom, Minnesota-based sculptor feel the piece was finally complete.
  • Minnesota Skies: June 2019

    Published05/31/2019 , By Parke Kunkle & Thaddeus LaCoursiere

    Find out what you can see this month: Spotting Jupiter, Moon viewing, the longest day of the year, and more!
  • Reading the Moon

    Published05/01/2019 , By Andria Waclawski

    Explore a collection of moon-related reading curated by the U of M Children’s Literature Collection.
  • 2018 Awardees and Fellowship Recipients


    Natural History Award and Fellowship recipients have done all kinds of exciting research and projects in the past year. Here are some of the details!
  • Spring Curios

    Published , By Andria Waclawski

    Explore a curated collection of unique gift specimens for the science geek, nature nut, and space case in your life. Members: Get 15% off in the Curiosity Shop every day!
  • ConGRADulations!


    We’re sending a mammoth-sized congratulations out to all of the student staff and scientific collections assistants graduating this year!