Image of Earth's Moon taken from the International Space Station

Space Station Craft

Create your own!

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Introduction: Work as a team or by yourself to design a space station. You will then use items you can find around your house and create the space station from your design.

● Shoe boxes (1 per camper)/ Large piece of cardboard/Or any large container
● Coloring materials: markers, crayons, paints, etc
● Engineering Materials: any materials you can find around your house
● Scissors
● Duct Tape
● Glue


1. You will be creating your own diorama of a space colony. These space colonies can be floating in space OR they can be on a planet (other than Earth).

2. In your space station you need to have rooms that hold each of the following necessary items: oxygen, water, food, and resting areas.

3. Before you start, try to draw out what you want to build. Think about answering these questions:
a. How are you going to store water?
b. What would your food storage look like?
c. How many rooms do you want?

4. Using a shoe box as your outer wall tends to work best, but feel free to build from scratch using cardboard. You can also use cardboard pieces to make walls within your space station.

5. Use materials around the house to make tools, chairs, and even astronauts.

6. You can even try to expand by trying to create robots to help you take care of your space colony.

2 children holding homemade models of space stations

homemade space station model made out of cardboard