a child using a net to catch aquatif insects

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We have learned a lot about the environment, specifically who eats who. Food chains and food webs are a big part of nature, and it is important we understand how they work. If you would like to learn more about food chains and food webs, more about animals’ special skills, or even how you can help out all the animals that live around you, check out these interesting resources.

Here are some great resources to help you learn more about current eco-exploration.

A really good source of information on food webs and food chains  and other information about nature is the National Geographic Society:

If you want to know more about local ecosystems in Minnesota check out Cedar Creek’s website. They provide current research projects and even projects that you can help them with.

Also good source of information about wildlife found in Minnesota is the DNR of Minnesota

Go on your own bioblitz and share your observations with other scientists and observers by using the following apps/websites:

Here are some interesting videos also about Food webs and Food chains:

Here is an interesting videos also about animal adaptations:

Suggested Eco-Ecploration Book list: