Tundra swans at the Minnesota River Valley diorama

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We are Minnesota’s official natural history museum and planetarium. Our new home on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus in St. Paul features a digital planetarium, high-tech exhibits, our famous wildlife dioramas, outdoor learning experiences and more.

A Museum Without Boundaries

Today more than ever before the Bell is a museum without boundaries, sharing virtual experiences, activities, and ways to dive deeper into the world around you, whether you’re exploring online, from your window, out in nature, or looking up at the stars. Click here to support the Bell.

Messier 13

Minnesota Skies: June 2020

Your local guide to observing celestial objects and events

Venus has just left the evening sky, and now Jupiter and Saturn are moving in. By mid-month, both will be up in the southeast before midnight. Jupiter, by far the brighter planet, shines west of Saturn and leads the ringed planet across the night sky.

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