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ExploraDome Theater at the Bell: Weekly Schedule

2 p.m.   Are We There Yet?
3 p.m.  Cosmic Questions

1 p.m.  Cosmic Questions
2 p.m.  Are We There Yet?
3 p.m.  Cosmic Questions

1 p.m.  Cosmic Questions
2 p.m.  Are We There Yet?
3 p.m.  Cosmic Questions

ExploraDome Theater tickets are available online or by phone (612) 624-2345. Shows routinely sell out in advance. We highly recommend reserving your tickets online. [Purchase Tickets] Limited rush tickets may be available at the door starting two hours prior to the show time. 

About the shows: 
Are We There Yet?

Ancient peoples dreamed of flying to the stars, and in recent history we had the Space Race, which challenged us to fly to the Moon. In this program, take a voyage through space to discover where we have been, where we are going, where we are now...and where we might go next! Join us as we investigate the long-standing question "Are we there yet?"

Cosmic Questions

Have you been watching the new Cosmos television series and find yourself yearning to learn more about what you saw? Or have you ever had any questions about our place in the universe? Come see Cosmic Questions and our planetarium staff will answer them for you while giving you an incredible view of space.

AU-InsideExploraDomeShow Ticket Cost

Purchase tickets online
ExploraDome shows are sold separately from museum admission. Package rates are available below!
$6 for general admission adults and seniors 
$4 for members, UMN students and employees, students with college ID, and children ages 3-17
Children under 3 are free

Show PLUS Bell Museum admission
(ExploraDome tickets can be purchased in advance the package discount will apply to museum admission and will be given at the door)
$4 for Bell members, UMN students and employees
$7 for non UMN students with college ID and children ages 3-17
$9 for seniors
$11 for general admission adults
Children under 3 are free

Groups of 10 or more interested in an ExploraDome show should call (612) 626-9660.

About the  ExploraDome Theater experience:

Viewing a program in the ExploraDome Theater is a truly unique experience—it has even been described as being surrounded by a "wall of cool." It is an intimate environment, holding up to 15 people. ExploraDome seating is on the carpeted floor—when you enter, you'll be invited to lay on your back, creating a fully immersive experience. For those that are unable or uncomfortable lying down, chairs are available to sit in the back of the ExploraDome's Theater, still ensuring a view of the presentation. All presentations are given live by a planetarium educator and allow for audience interaction, unless noted as "pre-recorded."

ExploraDome Outreach: Shows On the RoadExploraDome-At-School

New! Scholarships for ExploraDome and Classroom Programs —at your School!

Let the Bell Museum bring the wonders of the Universe right to your school and community events with our ExploraDome Outreach traveling dome. Offering planetarium shows for a variety of ages and interests, the ExploraDome uses Uniview software that takes authentic astronomical data and creates an immersive experience like nothing you've seen before! A voyage in the ExploraDome inspires minds and leaves lasting impressions on visitors.

Schedule a Visit...

Ready to sign up? Here is the process:

  1. Please read our FAQ before proceeding to the next steps
  2. Ensure your facility can meet the visit requirements needed to house the dome.
  3. Learn about our programs (PDF version) or let us create a custom lesson to meet your needs. The dome can hold 30-35 students in each session. Six or more sessions can be accommodated during one day.
  4. Learn about the program costs.
  5. Search our calendar for available dates. Reservations must be made at least two weeks before the visit. (The calendar will open in a new browser window so you can return to this screen after closing the calendar window.)
  6. Email us at or call (612) 626-9660 with the following information: 
    • School/organization
    • Choice of dates
    • Contact information
  7. Once final program details are finalized, we'll send you a visit agreement for signature.
  8. Download materials to prepare your students for the visit.
  9. Get ready to explore the universe as you never have before.

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