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Our new facility was designed with school groups in mind: the dedicated Richard M. Schulze Education Entrance, four classroom/lab spaces, a state-of-the-art planetarium, renowned wildlife dioramas, and more immersive experiences facilitate a rich and seamless visit every time.

Partner with our education team to provide standards-focused, collaborative learning experiences for your class as we connect students with leading scientific research taking place right here at the University of Minnesota. Labs include experiential learning opportunities where students explore the engineering design process while collaborating with their peers to problem solve and investigate in a student-focused environment.

Group experiences (Gallery ExperiencePlanetarium Shows , Science Labs), can be arranged individually or in combination with each other. Pricing starts with the first experience at $6/student. Additional experiences can be added at $3/student.

Honey Bees, Pollination & Our Food: Bees

Bees on a honeycomb

Students will learn how bees communicate and then create and perform their own bee dance in this fun, active lab. Wiggle and waggle until your fellow honey bees understand where to find the flowers you’ve discovered! Then learn about the anatomy, classification and life cycle of honey bees by observing their different parts and life cycles under the microscope.

Life Science  Earth Science

Compare, Connect, Create

A child reacts with amazement to a turtle someone is holding

Students will apply the scientific method and use their observations about the physical properties of human-made and natural objects as they work together to create a large-scale art piece made from found objects—then take the finished product back to school to decorate the classroom! This lab also explores the concepts of living versus nonliving and gives students a chance to visit with a specimen from our Touch & See Lab.

Nature of Science and Engineering    Life Science    Art    STEAM

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