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Bell Museum STEM Nights

The Bell Museum is pleased to introduce a new pilot program, STEM Nights! This program provides select schools all the materials and resources to host a STEM Night event at their schools. 

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What’s a STEM Night?

STEM Nights are events hosted at your school where students and families can learn about natural history, science, technology, engineering, and math through engaging, hands-on activities. The Bell Museum will provide all the necessary materials to facilitate activities that range from the science of taxonomy to learning about gravity in space. Plus, all activities are designed with non-science educators in mind, so anyone can feel confident leading them, from a parent volunteer during a STEM Night event or later on as an activity in your classroom. 


I’m hosting a STEM Night! What’s next?

By receiving a Bell Museum STEM Nights kit, you are joining the Bell Museum in celebrating and showcasing science across the state. We are thrilled to support educators in their commitment to excellence in science engagement. The goal of the program is to generate enthusiasm among students and families for science, technology, engineering, and math by giving them a chance to explore STEM together at a special school community event. 

In your kit, you’ll find everything you need to host an exciting and hands-on STEM Night. Included in your kit are a planning guide, everything you need to host 10 activities, and additional resources.

Here are a few helpful links to get started:

Digital PDFs of the planning guide and all the activities can be found here.

An educational standards guide can be found here.

A playlist of training videos can be found here. 

A grouping of pictures depicting kids doing different science activities and crafts, such as launching rockets and gluing a picture together

I’d like to host a STEM Night in the future! Who can I contact?

If you’re interested in hosting a Bell Museum STEM Night in the future, please reach out to Natalie Kennedy (


STEM Nights are provided at no cost to schools thanks to generous funding from the Manitou Foundation, General Mills, and 3M.