Mammoth Diorama

Past Exhibits

GaiaA giant internally lit earth

Experience Gaia, a touring installation by UK artist Luke Jerram, July 19–August 14. Gaia is an internally-lit sculpture of the Earth featuring imagery from NASA’s Visible Earth project. At 23 feet in diameter, it presents the Earth at a scale 1.8 million times smaller than its real size. Learn more here!

X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out

Radiograph of a large fish

On view until January 2, the Bell Museum presents X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out, an exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution. View dramatic prints of radiographs that expose the interior structures of fish in a level of detail reminiscent of fine engraving. Read more about this exhibit.

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Fish specimens are brightly colored and stained to reveal the interior structure

On view until January 2, Cleared combines scientific staining techniques and the artistry of photography to depict dyed fish specimens in vibrant colors. Read more about this exhibit.

Fifty Nights under the Stars

Jupiter shines in a starry sky

Finding Minnesota’s Dark Skies

Experience Minnesota’s treasured nightscapes in this temporary exhibition. Bell Museum resident artist Mike Shaw presents stunning night sky images captured in travels across the state to find Minnesota’s dark skies. See the glittering Milky Way arching over Split Rock Lighthouse, the Aurora Borealis dancing along the Gunflint Trail, rare Comet NEOWISE passing above wetlands near the Twin Cities, and more. Read more about this exhibit.

Climates of Inequality

Saint Anthony Falls in 2020

Understanding Environmental Justice in the Twin Cities and Beyond

The Bell Museum presents Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice, from the Humanities Action Lab.  This exhibit focuses on storytelling and the experience of communities that bear the greatest impact from environmental degradation while contributing the least to it. Join us as we learn about environmental justice around the world and here in Minnesota, and discover ways to get involved. To learn more, explore our virtual programs and digital content, including panel discussions and activist profiles. This exhibition is now closed, but you can read more about it here

Bugs: Outside the Box

2 oversized beetles and specimen cards: Text "Bugs...outside the box. Discover the Art within the science"

A fascinating look at the insect world

Bugs: Outside the Box presents a selection of greatly enlarged insect sculptures, each showcasing the beauty hidden within the (mini)beasts of the natural world. Intricate details not visible to the naked eye are showcased alongside educational topics, including an exciting look at museum collections and taxonomy, and an exploration of the power of magnification. Read more about this exhibit.

Installations from Josh Winkler

An print by Artist Josh Winkler of a pine forest

Connecting to Minnesota’s Forests: Past, Present, Future

Installations by resident artist Josh Winkler are now on view! Winkler’s artwork can be found in the Horizon Hall, our Minnesota Journeys gallery, and outside in the Learning Landscape. With these installations, Winkler explores connection in and with Minnesota’s forests. Find out more!