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Minnesota Journeys Gallery Experience

Enjoy the Bell Exhibition Galleries

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Appropriate for all grade levels.

Take your students on a journey through space and time in our Minnesota Journeys gallery. Groups will have free exploration of the museum gallery spaces. Dive into space exploration and the diversity of life, learning about topics like survival, family, and current University of Minnesota research. Be sure to check out the Touch & See Lab, where students can have the thrill of interacting with live animals and exploring the characteristics of living things and more than 4,000 scientific specimens. Scavenger hunts to help structure your group’s visit in the gallery spaces will also be available.

The hands-on learning continues outside in our sustainable Learning Landscape with native plants, geology gardens, a weather station, beehives, a second-floor green roof and observation deck, and other highlights.


Times available: Tuesday-Friday at 10:10-11:20am and 1:10-2:20pm
Size limit: 60 children