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Gallery Tours

Tour the New Exhibition Galleries

The Bell galleries—which include our world-renowned wildlife dioramas—span space and time, from the origins of the universe, through the diversification of life on Earth, to Minnesota’s own unique habitats. Also, learn about U of M researchers who are working to create a better future for our evolving world.

Group experiences (Gallery ToursPlanetarium Shows, Science Labs), can be arranged individually or in combination with each other. Pricing starts with the first experience at $6/student. Additional experiences can be added at $3/student.

Life’s Amazing Journey Tour

Length: 70 minutes
Adapted for all grade levels

Journey through space and time where learners explore connections between nature and the universe and deepen their understanding of the wonders of the natural world.

This includes an interpreted tour of the gallery where students will take a deep dive into the technology of space exploration and the diversity of life through the lens of the museum’s famous dioramas. Along with a trip to the Touch & See Lab, where students will interact with live animals and explore the characteristics of living things, this tour is designed to ignite curiosity! Pre- and Post-visit activities are provided.

Content Areas
Space Science, Life Science, Natural History, Earth Science, Nature of Science and Engineering, Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry

Self-Guided Groups

The Bell also offers self- guided tours for groups who wish to tailor their experience to a more specific content area. Topics such as survival, family, home, exploring space, ecosystems and relationships are prevalent in our gallery and featured in our self-guided activity guides . A student guide will be present during the tour to help navigate the building, but these tours are designed for educators with specific content interests, who want to explore a concept in more depth.

Touch & See Lab 

The Bell Museum created the first natural history museum discovery room in the world, and we are proud to carry that tradition on in the new Touch & See Lab where all ages can actively learn through observation and sensory engagement . With an educational collection of over 4,000 specimens, our student guides are eager to share research techniques with your students.

Learning Landscape

The hands-on learning continues outside in our sustainable landscape with native plants, geology gardens, a weather station, beehives, a second-floor green roof and observation deck, and other highlights. (Tours coming soon)

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Group Requests
Note: At least 3 weeks advance notice required.
Note: At least 3 weeks advance notice required.