Spinner coin on top of a large agate.

Spring Curios

Curate the perfect gift for the moms, dads & grads in your life

Published05/01/2019 , by Andria Waclawski

Spring is here, kicking off a season of celebrations! New curios in the museum’s Curiosity Shop are just what you need for a perfect and quirky Mother’s Day, Graduation, or Father’s Day gift! Plus, all Curiosity Shop proceeds support Bell events, collections, and education programs.

Piece together life on earth with a puzzle illustrated by local artist Kelsey Oseid. See if the forager in your family can dig a mushroom tool set. Let the graduating crow you know fly free with a hand-carved wooden replica. Or celebrate the infinite nothingness of a black hole with a hand-forged iron Event Horizon Spin Coin ($35 pictured above).

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Arrangement of gift items from the museum shop

Clockwise from top, spiraling to the center
Bell Galaxy Hat ($20); Celestial Tote ($16); Agate Light ($72); Stag Beetle & Moth ($85); Word to Your Mother Tea Towel ($12); Pi Socks ($10.50); Geology Pencil Pouch ($14.99); Foragers Playing Cards ($10); Crystal Cupcakes ($13.95 each); Luna Moth Pin ($20); Mushroom Tool Keychain ($10); Charley Harper Raccoons ($10.95); Biodiversity Puzzle* ($20); Crow^ ($70); Heron Eggs^ ($26 for set of three); Scarab Bracelet ($27); Heroes of Science Pint Glass – Ada Lovelace ($15.95)

*Minnesota Made/Artist, ^Fair Trade