Minnesota Journeys - Field Note Mural by Duncan Millar

Bell Field Notes Project

See art and science combine in a special collaboration


As you work your way through the new Bell Museum, you may spot what looks like chalk drawings of creatures and concepts high up on the wall. Those represent “field notes”—a way that scientists, artists and others record observations. By making notes, collecting specimens, and seeking evidence, we are able to make connections among elements of the natural world.

Watch the video below to see how Minneapolis artist Adam Dennis brought sketches from real scientific field notes and studies to life at the new museum (in addition to an exceptional mural of his own design near our main entrance). Dennis’ career was inspired by Minnesota’s rich legacy of wildlife artistry and his experience of drawing, observing, and experiencing the natural world growing up in Mound, Minnesota.

His work explores humanity and nature—recognizing that we are not separate entities, but one and the same—just as the museum explores the undeniable bond between art and science.

Video: Eve Daniels
Art: Adam Dennis, et al.

Many of the paintings included in the Field Notes project were inspired by actual field notes from Bell-affiliated artists and naturalists. Check out a few of the original sketches that inspired the artwork on walls throughout the Bell.