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Bell Museum Funds

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Bell Museum funds aligned with current priority areas:

Bell Museum and Planetarium Fund (8522) supports the general mission and vision of the Bell Museum.

General Mission Fund

Bell Museum Strategic Initiatives Fund (24166) supports the mission, vision and strategic initiatives of the Bell Museum. 

Bell Museum K12 and Family Education Programs Fund (3421) aligns with the Bell’s Curiosity Catalyst initiative with a focus on younger and intergenerational learners, including K-12 STEM education programs.

K12 and Family Education Programs Fund

Bell Museum Minnesota’s Astronomy Classroom Fund (24683) aligns with the Minnesota’s Astronomy Classroom priority area, including the development and implementation of astronomy and planetarium extension programs on and off site. 
Minnesota’s Astronomy Classroom Fund

Bell Museum Scientific Collections Fund (2267) aligns with the Bell’s Research and Collections priority area, including the work of our scientific curators and the Bell’s graduate and undergraduate students.

Scientific Collections Fund

Bell Museum Exhibits Fund (3958) aligns with the Bell’s Creative by Nature priority area, including the creation of new exhibits, preservation of the Bell’s nature art collection, development of gallery programs and leased exhibits displayed at the museum.

Exhibits Fund

Bell Museum without Boundaries Fund (23605) aligns with the Bell’s Museum without Boundaries priority area, including removing financial, geographic and situational barriers to engaging with the mission of the Bell Museum.

Museum without Boundaries Fund


Additional Bell Museum funds and giving opportunities:

Bell Museum Operations Fund (20971) ensures access to lifelong learning experiences in science, art, and nature for generations.

Operations Fund

Bell Museum Diorama Fund (7879) supports the preservation and reinterpretation of the museum’s world-renowned dioramas.

Diorama Fund

Bell Museum Adult Education Programs Fund (20578) supports our adult educational programming.

Adult Education Programs Fund

ExploraDome Fund (8694) supports the programming and activities associated with the Bell’s Mobile Planetarium including scholarships.

ExploraDome Fund

Jaques Acquisition and Conservation Fund (4088) supports important acquisitions and conservation needs for the museum’s natural history art collection.

Bell Museum and Planetarium Building Fund (4682) supports enhancements to our new world-class museum.

Museum and Planetarium Building Fund

Bell Museum Outdoor and Sculpture Programs Fund (3576) aligns with the Creative by Nature priority area, including support for outdoor exhibits and projects.

Outdoor and Sculpture Programs Fund

Bell Museum Productions Fund (4725) supports planning, research and production of Bell Museum media projects.

Productions Fund