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The Bell Museum hosts its first ever Collectors Day to showcase unique, local collections


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Collectors Day is a daylong event hosted at the Bell Museum on October 1 from 10am to 3pm.

Collectors Day is included in general admission. Visitors can purchase general admission tickets at the front desk or online.

A selection of images available upon request.

MINNEAPOLIS/ST.PAUL (09/20/22) – The Bell Museum is excited to launch its first ever Collectors Day. Taking place in-person at the museum on October 1 from 10am to 3pm, the event provides a space where members of the community are invited to share and showcase their own personal collections. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a variety of collections ranging from minerals and stuffed animals to vintage beer cans and gemstones. In addition to local collectors, the day will also feature items from Gibbs Farm, the Wangensteen Historical Library, the Doris S. Kirschner Cookbook Collection, and a deeper dive into the Bell Museum collections with the Bell curators.

Each collection on view has a unique origin story that showcases the passion and enthusiasm put into each item of the collection. A few highlights of the day include:

Tanner B’s dried mushroom collection

“My collection is a few dozen dried mushroom specimens collected from the greater Minnesota and Wisconsin area displaying different morphologies and uses of mushrooms. My collection is unique as I have been leading fungal forays for the past 6 years giving me access to over 20 sites in Minnesota and Wisconsin enabling a varied collection representing over a dozen different genera.”

Daryl L’s family collection

“The collection represents the Olson Family Collection, recently awarded a grant by the Minnesota Historical Society for digitization and preservation via the Anoka County Historical Society, and will have items highlighting why historical preservation of family history is important. Included will be items pertinent to women’s history in the state of Minnesota and, additionally, items relating to LGBT history, as one of the members of the family was an out gay man in the mid-twentieth century. Folks can learn about ‘what is a historical object’ and may be surprised to learn that things from their everyday lives are definitely items that can tell a story!”

Emily M’s troll doll collection

“I have a collection of troll dolls from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. I started collecting them as a child and never outgrew my love for them. These days, it is always exciting to find one at a thrift store, as they are not too common anymore! I love how colorful they are and that they come in endless variations.”

The Bell Museum looks forward to celebrating the act of collecting and preserving with the community.

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