Retreat: Fractured Landscapes


March 20—June 5, 2016

Jaques Gallery
Free with museum admission/membership

Today, through Google Earth, the Discovery Channel and a wide array of other media sources, we can explore almost any corner of our planet without ever leaving our seats. We are naturally drawn to images of majestic mountains and flower-filled meadows, but how has ready availability of these virtual images affected our relationship to the natural world?

Alyssa Baguss explores natural environments as mediated through a wide variety of digital sources. In this exhibition, she alters wallpaper photo-murals of mountain scenes by cutting away sections. The resulting images have the effect of computer generated fractal meshes. The remaining areas of the images retain their picturesque quality, but now jarringly combined with a fragmented digital world.

Meet the artist

Alyssa Baguss

Alyssa Baguss’s practice explores mediated natural environments through drawing processes. She is a visual artist and arts program director, who works out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alyssa is a Bell Museum Resident Artist Research Project showcase artist.

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