Café Scientifique

A happy hour forum for science and culture, Cafés offer a unique experience for adults to explore our world from distinct and surprising viewpoints—drawing connections between scientific research, culture, environment and everyday life. Enjoy lively talks on a variety of topics led by guest speakers from the University of Minnesota and beyond along with the atmosphere of the Bryant Lake Bowl theater in Minneapolis.

Upcoming Events

Gelada monkey in Ehtiopia

Ethiopia's Gelada Monkeys

Gelada monkeys live in some of the largest nonhuman primate communities on Earth. Learn more about the baboon-like oddballs of Ethiopia's Simien National Park with Caitlin Potter from the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.

February 20, 2018
7 pm (doors at 6 pm)
Tickets $5-$12, available online or at the door

March 20: Art & environmentalism with Adam Kay, University of St Thomas

April 17: Regeneration with Keith Sabin, UMN Stem Cell Institute

May 15: Mining and climate change with Roopali Phadke, Macalester College

Get Global

The Bell Museum introduced Café Scientifique to Minnesota, but did you know there are science cafés held across the country and around the globe? Visit International Café Scientifique for more.

Catch up on Café

Download recordings from past events for free on iTunesU or watch presentations from select events on YouTube.

The Petri DIsh

The Bell Museum and College of Biological Sciences present curiosity-driven conversations, featuring U of M expert panelists, about how biology affects our lives and future at the Camp Bar in St. Paul.

Feb 7: Our wired world
Enlisting the help of biosensors and a range of technologies, we’re able to monitor and manage the world around us at increasingly granular levels.
Panelists: Nathan SpringerCe Yang and Brandy Toner

March 7: Your brain on science
From viral gene-delivery to deep brain stimulation, neurotechnologies promise to change the landscape for people with brain conditions, to treat addiction and more.
Panelists: Daniel Schmidt and Mark Thomas

April 11: A tiny take on toxins
Researchers are harnessing the considerable power of tiny organisms to do a range of tasks from disarming pesticides to clearing out excess nutrients.
Panelists: Mikael Elias and Paige Novak