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A happy hour forum for science and culture, Cafés offer a unique experience for adults to explore our world from distinct and surprising viewpoints—drawing connections between scientific research, culture, environment and everyday life. Enjoy lively talks on a variety of topics led by guest speakers from the University of Minnesota and beyond along with the atmosphere of the Bryant Lake Bowl theater in Minneapolis.

7 pm (doors at 6 pm)
Tickets $5-$12, available online or at the door

Upcoming Cafés

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May 16: Bringing Biology to Biomimetics

The field of biomimetics seeks to solve problems from energy production to cancer by looking to how organisms have solved similar problems over evolutionary time. But the majority of engineers, material scientists and others using these approaches do not directly collaborate with biologists. We have barely scratched the surface of biological inspiration, and in order to use this approach more powerfully, we need to dive deeper into biological diversity.

Emilie Snell-Rood is an Associate Professor in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Her research considers how organisms deal with environmental variation, from the evolution of learning to reactions to novel toxins. She has developed an interdisciplinary course on biomimetics that brings together students from diverse fields to tackle real-world problems using bioinspiration.


2016/2017 Cafés

September 20, 2016: The Dazzling Dr. Spilhaus
Sharon Moen, Communications Coordinator, Minnesota Sea Grant & author of "With Tomorrow in Mind: How Athelstan Spilhaus Turned America Toward the Future"

October 18, 2016: The Fungi Around Us
Kat Sweeney, Researcher, UMN Department of Plant Pathology

November 15, 2016: What Should a Clever Moose Eat?
Dr. John Pastor, Ecosystem Ecologist, UMN-Duluth Department of Biology

December 20, 2016: Moving Minnesota: Reinventing the Bell Museum Dioramas
Don Luce, Curator of Exhibits, Bell Museum of Natural History

January 17, 2017: The Beautiful Problem of Turbulence
Sam Stewart, Ph.D. student, UMN Department of Mathematics

February 21, 2017: Forest Keepers: Science, Spirituality & Conservation among the Batak Tribe
J. Scott Dodds, award-winning ethnographic filmmaker

March 21, 2017: Hunting Knowledge and Gathering Herbs: Rastafari Bush Doctors in South Africa
Lisa Aston Philander, Curator of the College of Biological Sciences Conservatory &  Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Biology

April 18, 2017: Crocodilian Superdads: Gharial on the Chambal River in north India
Jeff Lang, Conservation biologist, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, CFANS

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The Petri DIsh

Isn't life fascinating?
Check out curiosity-driven conversations, featuring U of M experts, about how biology affects our lives and what it means for our future. Presented in collaboration with the College of Biological Sciences at the Camp Bar in St. Paul.

February 1, 2017
Where Do We Go From Here? The science, policy and politics of addressing and adapting to global-scale environmental change

March 1, 2017
A Revolution in the Making: Insights into new genetic engineering technologies with the potential to radically reshape medicine

April 5, 2017
Beyond Velcro: Taking cues from nature to design solutions to big challenges and drive innovation