People looking at dioramas and other exhibits in the museum

Museum Studies Graduate Minor

The Bell Museum is a participant with the University of Minnesota’s Graduate Minor Program in Museum Studies.

The Museum Studies Graduate Minor explores the history, philosophy, operations, and functions of museums—broadly defined to include art, science, history, specialized museums, and others. The interdisciplinary program combines a theoretical basis with practical experiences in the form of internships, field trips, and directed research projects to give students a foundation for work in university, public, and private museums in a rapidly growing profession. This minor is open to students in any major.

Because experience is highly valued in museum work, students are strongly encouraged to pursue additional opportunities such as a second internship or volunteer work in museums. In special cases, the Museum Studies Minor provides opportunities for entry-level museum positions in aquaria; art galleries; botanical gardens; corporate archives and collections; historical houses and sites; monuments; museums; national, state and county parks; nature centers, and zoos. This minor also prepares students to be active supporters of museums and life-long learners who use museums.

For more information, on elegibility and requirements, see content linked here.