A school bus at the Bell's education entrance

Group Bookings

Welcome to the Bell’s group bookings page, where you can find resources about your upcoming group visit. Use the links below to download useful information.

Chaperone Guide

A woman and two children look at a lynx in a Bell diorama

You can distribute this guide to all staff and chaperones attending your field trip so they know what to expect on the day of your field trip.

Field Trip Logistics Video

Screenshot of the Bell Field Trip Logistics video

For teachers—watch this video before your visit for more details about your field trip!


Discovery Guides

A group of children and an adult look at the woolly mammoth

Preview our grade level specific, standard-aligned Discovery Guides. For groups visiting the museum galleries.

Bus Parking Map

Bus drop-off map

We have a designated entrance for school buses—please give this map to your bus driver. Groups arriving in mini-buses or vans can still arrive via the main entrance.

K–12 Visit Social Narrative

Visiting the Bell Museum, a guide for visitors with sensory sensitivities

Click here to download our guide for visitors with sensory sensitivities.