Impact: Birds in the Human-Built World


May 13—August 16, 2015

Jaques Gallery
Free with museum admission

Birds don’t understand glass the same way we do. They fly towards habitat or sky reflected in or seen through windows, often with fatal consequences. As the use of glass in the built environment increases, studies estimate that hundreds of millions of birds are killed annually by building collisions in the United States. Audubon Minnesota, the Bell Museum, and other partners, started Project BirdSafe in 2007 to study bird-window collisions and promote solutions.

Artist Miranda Brandon's experience as a BirdSafe volunteer inspired her to create Impact: Birds in the Human-Built World. Aptly named, Miranda's gorgeously high resolution depictions of birds at or just after the fatal moment of impact with a building visually stun the viewer into reflecting on issues faced by birds when moving through built spaces. The photographs demand physical and contemplative space for their subjects, offering in return an intimate view of each bird and allowing minute details to be revealed.

The exhibition also includes panels about Project BirdSafe developed by Bell Museum curators and Audubon Minnesota as well as Miranda's participatory project, DIY Bird Populator.

Miranda Brandon is the Bell Museum Resident Artist Research Project (RARP) Showcase Artist for spring 2015. The RARP program is made possible by generous support from The McKnight Foundation.