A Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) spreading its wings.

Special Field Trip Programs

Booking: To request a group booking for Bell programs, please fill out our Booking Request Form. If you need additional assistance or have more questions, call 612-624-4957 or email bellgroups@umn.edu.

School trips must be booked at least three weeks in advance. The minimum size for discounted educational group rates is 15 people. Reservations must be paid prior to arrival to the museum. Payment should be in the form of a single check or credit card payment over the phone.

Biodiversity and Conservation: Birds

Grades 5–8
Date: September 19 or January 16
Capacity: 90 students
Time: 9 am–1:45 pm

The Bell Museum, Bell Museum Curator Dr. Keith Barker, and The Raptor Center present a special day of programming that examines structural adaptations, behavioral
adaptations, biodiversity, and extinction of birds.

Biodiversity and Conservation: Fishes and Mussels

Grades 5–8
Date: October 3 or January 23
Capacity: 120 students
Time: 9 am–1:45 pm

The Bell Museum and Bell Museum Curator Dr. Andrew Simons offer a special day of programming examining the scientific study of aquatic creatures. Get up close to live fishes and mussels, exploring their adaptations and ecosystem, and use the tools of science to engage in a dissection of various fishes with Professor Simons and his graduate students. Discuss issues of conservation and stewardship of our water resources.

Extraordinary Minnesota: People, Geology and Nature

Grades 2–5
Date: September 18, October 2, or May 6
Capacity: 105 students
Time: 9 am–2 pm

This interdisciplinary partner program between Gibbs Farm and the Bell Museum offers learners the opportunity to dive into the lifeways of the Dakota—Minnesota’s first people—in the early 19th century and the natural history of Minnesota.