A Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) spreading its wings.

Spring Partnership Programs

Adaptations, Biodiversity, and Opportunities for Conservation
Bell Museum/Raptor Center Partnership

Grades 7 and 8


Capacity 120

Duration: 4.5 hours including lunch

Dates: October 2, 2018 and February 16, 2019

The Bell Museum and The Raptor Center have come together to offer a special day of programming that examines structural adaptations, behavioral adaptations, biodiversity and extinction. The first stops on this learning journey include getting up close to live education birds of prey and engaging in a lab involving specimens from our collection such as wings, feathers, skulls and feet. In addition, a tour of the natural history gallery and an enhanced experience in the Touch and See Lab will combine to create a day of learning, exploration, conservation and stewardship.


Extraordinary Minnesota: People, Geology, and Nature
Bell Museum/Gibbs Farm Partnership

Grades 2-5


Capacity 150

Duration: 4.5 hours including lunch

This interdisciplinary partner program between Gibbs Farm and the Bell Museum offers learners the opportunity to explore the lifeways of the Dakota, Minnesota’s first people, in the early nineteenth century and the natural history of Minnesota. In the morning, students will explore the diorama halls of the Bell Museum with a tour that enhances the interpretation of the history of beaver and wolf populations and how the fur trade impacted those species. Students will attend a planetarium show,  “Minnesota in the Cosmos” where they will learn about the geology and natural history of our home planet. After lunch, their afternoon at Gibbs Farm includes an introduction to the seasonal life of the Dakota of Cloudman’s Village. Students will tour a replica Summer Bark Lodge, a real Tipi, put on a wild ricing skit and much more.