Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

Gain a global perspective on the food and the environment through spectacular photos from the award-winning book by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Alusio. Visitors will meet ten families from around the world photographed in their kitchens with one week’s worth of food. They will discover surprising similarities and differences in how each family produces, shops for, and prepares their food. Some foods show up on almost every family’s menu, while others are unique.

The exhibition provides a thought-provoking analysis of worldwide food consumption in a way that is entertaining and accessible. The 40 color photographs, depicting everything from American drive-thru fast food restaurants to open-air kitchens in Mali, document the sharp contrasts and universal aspects of this essential human pursuit.

PDF iconHungry Planet (.pdf)

Exhibition includes

  • 40 photographs (sizes listed below) from Peter Menzel including families from United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Egypt, Mali, Greenland, Germany, China, Japan, and India.
  • Labels include a short biography and grocery list for each family, and “Food for Thought” labels that are designed to encourage discussion about food issues.
  • World Food Market: Visitors select foods for a meal, then explore their choices.  They discover where their food has traveled, what ingredients are in their foods and whether they are eating animals, plants or something else.
  • Evolution of Food Activities: Visitors explore the origins of some of our most common foods with displays and hands-on specimens.

Number of pieces

  • 10 large format family portrait pictures - 48x72 in.
  • 30 photos related to food - 24x36 in.
  • Two large food market photo banners - 96x96 in.
  • Two exhibition title banners - 60x24 in.
  • Labels - including photo descriptions, family stories, and grocery lists
  • Activity tables - Three printed table covers designed to fit 72x30 in. tables. Activity materials include touchable objects and replica food items.

Space required

  • Approx. 250 lineal feet
  • 3,000 sq. ft. of gallery space

Total shipping weight

  • TBD

Number and size of crates

  • TBD


  • moderate


  • $8,000 for 8 weeks