Outreach Opportunities

Bring the Bell to you! The science learning experiences the Bell is famous for can be brought directly to your school. We offer programs involving live animals and museum specimens designed to strengthen students' understanding of the scientific process.

In-School Labs

Looking to add a guided, thought-provoking lab experience to your curriculum? Our education team is ready to work with you to adapt our labs for your classroom! Transportation fees may apply. The thought-provoking science labs offered at the Bell, can be easily brought to your classroom by our team of educators.

35 students/session  |  1-2 sessions: $160 each, 3+ sessions: $140 each

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Residency Programs

Our multi-visit, in-depth learning experiences offer K-8 students the chance to learn about current U of M discoveries and conduct research, design experiments, analyze and interpret data, and share knowledge. We can also partner with you to develop a residency outside of the topics listed below.

Pricing depends on the number of classrooms and visits, and ranges from $440-$2080.

Mammals Among Us
Explore the world of mammals through skeletons, dissections, and pelts.

Incredible Invertebrates
Dig into the world of invertebrates with Madagascar hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, and more.

Animal Adaptations
Discover how changes in structure, function, and behavior of animals help them survive and thrive. See what makes top predators, swimmers, fliers, and more!

Honey Bees (April – October only)
Research the honey bees' critical role in our ecosystem as pollinators and learn about their complex social structure. Also, students can take home a jar of honey for only +$.50/each !

Nature’s Engineers (Recommended for grades 4 and up)
Explore engineering in nature and the ways humans use these examples today—experience the engineering process through guided projects and experiments.

ExploraDome on the Road

Our traveling ExploraDome brings the universe to you using the latest display technology. Join our expert educators as they take you on an immersive, virtual voyage—from the surface of Earth to the edge of the universe. ExploraDome programs support Minnesota Academic Standards in Science and can be brought to your school or a location of your choice. We can also accommodate multiple grades and programs on the same day.

$200/hour (3-hour minimum) or $1100 for a full day
6–10 shows/day
32 people/show

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Specimen Loans

Bring your classroom to life with authentic museum artifacts and specimens appropriate for all ages like:

  • Bird and mammal study skins
  • Animal bones and skulls
  • Fossils and rocks
  • Antlers and horns

Up to 8 items/rental  |  $40/week

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Affordable & accessible

We can help make your experience even more manageable with scholarships and reduced prices for tours, labs, and outreach programs. Check back after July 1, 2017 for information about the 2017-2018 school year.

The museum is accessible for visitors with disabilities, and our accessibility coordinator will help you arrange accommodations, ASL interpretation, or information in an alternative format. z.umn.edu/bellaccessibility