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Grades 3-4 Camps

Summer adventures for the budding scientist in your life

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Full-day, weeklong camps for children entering grades 3 and 4 in the 2019-20 school year. Grades 3-4 camps have a maximum of 18 children, and school grade categories are designed to ensure the best academic and social experience for all campers.

We strive to create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and inspires curiosity. Campers must be able to maintain appropriate behavior, including keeping their hands to themselves, staying with the group, following staff directions, and using respectful language. A quiet space will be available to campers who need to take a break and calm down or recharge before returning to the group.

Full-day camps
Camp activities take place from 9 am–4 pm, with flexible drop off from 8–9 am and pick up from 4–5 pm.

Field Biology

A group of kids and an instructor examine a taxidermied animal, animal bones and furs with an instructor

Get outside and discover the plants and animals all around us and their relationships to the environment. Spend a day exploring and practicing field methods at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve*: Track, observe, and identify flora and fauna, building skills with key field tools like binoculars, a compass, and a logbook. We will also visit the Bell’s scientific collections, and go do some science out in the field with one of our scientific curators.

*Campers will take a school bus to Cedar Creek (2660 Fawn Lake Dr. NE, East Bethel, MN 55005.)

June 17–21
July 8–12
August 26–30

Chemistry: OMg!

Excited schoolgirls conduct scientific experiment in a beaker, green foam overflowing onto the lab table

Let’s get into the lab! Campers will spend a week exploring elements—like oxygen (O) and magnesium (Mg). We will conduct hands-on experiments with acids and bases, different states of matter, and make our own polymer slime. Campers will perform chemistry “magic” they can share with friends and family using ingredients from the kitchen. We’ll even visit a U of M chemistry lab for big demonstrations that end with a boom!

June 10–14 — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
June 24–28 — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
July 22–26 — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
August 5–9
August 19–23 — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)

Potions & Magical Creatures

Boys and girls look at (and pet) a tarantula that rests on someone's arm

Explore natural phenomena and the magic of science through extraordinary plant and animal adaptations, wonders of the night sky, the power of static electricity and levitation, and marvelous chemical reactions. From botany and mythology to zoology, chemistry, and astronomy, we’ll reveal the science behind potions, dragons, and more! There might even be time for a sporting game of quidditch.

June 10–14 FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
June 17–21 FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
July 29–August 2 — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
August 12–16 — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)
August 26–3o — FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)

Star Stuff

Audience members in a darkened planetarium point upward toward the stars

From space travel to black holes, investigate our place in the universe with the help of rockets and telescopes. Explore Earth, the cosmos and beyond, discover the power behind invisible light, and learn how to safely view our sun with a telescope. We will also explore the challenges of space travel, how to build rockets, how we might discover life on other planets, and the oddities of the universe.

July 15–19 FULL/Waitlist (call 612-624-2345)


Once you’ve selected your camps, register online via the links below or by calling University of Minnesota Tickets and Events at 612-624-2345 (10 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday). Note: If you are registering multiple children, calling the ticket office will be easier. Please fill out one registration per child.

General registration (Full-day camps)

Bell members (Full-day camps)

Registration opens February 2 for Bell members, February 11 for general public.

Have the following info ready!

  • Camper name, birth date, age, special needs, medications and allergies
  • Primary and secondary contact name, address, email, phone number
  • An additional emergency contact name and phone number

More info

Refunds and cancellations
Registrations are partially refundable. If you wish to withdraw from a camp after registering, you must do so at least two weeks prior to the first day of camp in order to receive a partial refund of the registration fee—$40 of the registration fee is considered a nonrefundable deposit. No refunds will be given if a cancellation is made within the two weeks before the first day of camp.

If for any reason the Bell Museum cancels your camp, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee or the opportunity to transfer to another camp if space is available. Notification will be given two weeks prior to the start date in the event that your camp is canceled.

Camper needs
We greatly appreciate any information, suggestions or tips you would like to share regarding your camper. Filling out the registration form with as much detail as possible will give us the opportunity to prepare any special accommodations and give your camper the best experience possible. You are also welcome to email our summer camp team at

For more information about camps, email Bell camp staff at

Contact U of M Tickets (Monday–Friday, 10 am–5 pm) with registration questions at 612-624-2345 or