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School Release Day Camps

Adventures for the budding scientist in your life

Bell camps offer kids in a fun and enriching environment that encourages them to explore their scientific passions as well as new subjects. Our camps include hands-on activities, planetarium visits, outdoor games, creative activities, field trips around the University’s Twin Cities campus, and much more!

School Release Day Camps are for grades K–5.
Each day will be broken into sections by Bell staff based on capacity and grade. 
Parents/guardians can register up to three campers on one order. A short form will be sent out by Bell staff after registration to gather camper information.

School release day camps run 9 am–4 pm, with drop off from 8:30–9 am and pick up 4–4:30 pm.

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Contact University of Minnesota Tickets and Events (Monday–Friday, 10 am–5 pm) with registration questions at 612-624-2345 or

Spring Break Zoology Camp

A young boy looks at a snake someone is holding to show him

Monday–Friday, April 1–5
(Buy by the day or come all week and save.)

Daily pricing:
$80 for general public
$65 for Bell members

Register for all five days and save:
Full-day camps, $350 (nonmembers) and $300 (members)
Registration ends: March 19 at 5 pm

Monday, April 1: Invertebrates
Invertebrates are the most diverse group of animals on Earth, and scientists are discovering new species every day. Learn about what makes these animals so successful, the roles they play in their ecosystems, as well as how they affect humans.

Tuesday, April 2: Fish
Come learn about fish in their different aquatic habitats and their unique adaptations that allow them to be great predators of the Mississippi River. Learn about fish anatomy and the form and function of their fin sizes and shapes as well as unique behaviors, and then practice observation methods and data sampling. Campers will also be able to practice the fine art form of Gyotaku, Japanese fish printing and create their own fish to take home.

Wednesday, April 3: Reptiles and Amphibians
Become a herpetologist for a day and study snakes, toads and many other fascinating creatures. Campers will have an opportunity for hands-on visits to the reptiles and amphibians that live at the Bell Museum and discuss the evolution of the first-ever land dwellers.

Thursday, April 4: Birds
Take a closer look at different feathers under a microscope, observe how different birds fly and look for patterns. Today we will all become bird detectives as we try to ID the birds that live around the Bell Museum as well as the birds that live in the different biomes of MN in our dioramas.

Friday, April 5: Mammals
Discover what lions, dolphins and humans all have in common and the diversity of mammals on this planet. Campers will also learn about how scientists classify these wildly different animals. This is also a great opportunity to discover the natural history of some of Minnesota’s charismatic inhabitants.

Member Benefits

For as little as $95 your household can become Bell Museum members and receive discounted camp pricing—one of the many benefits of membership!