A portion of the moon, closeup photo

Moon Craft

Make your own!

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● Card stock (work best), cardboard OR construction paper (white or gray)
● Pencil or writing instrument (for tracing)
● Flour
● White or gray paint
● Craft stick or tool for mixing/smoothing

Closeup of paint-flour combination for moon craft Lunar Survace craft with flour and paint creating a mottled lunar surface effect


1. Either print out this template or use something large and round (such as a plate or bucket lid) and trace the circle onto your piece of card stock, cardboard or paper.

2. Have an adult help you mix white paint and flour together. You can use about two parts paint to one part flour.

3. Paint and (and re-repaint) the Moon’s surface with the flour/paint mixture until you decide you are done.

4. Use some craft sticks or other tools to smooth out the surface just a bit. (This will help the craters of the Moon become more visible.

5. Let your Moon dry.