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Astronaut Training

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Astronaut Training: Physical Fitness

Can you train like an astronaut? Try each of these activities. You can try to do sets of 10 or ask an adult to set a timer for 30 seconds and count how many you are able to complete within the time. If you aren’t able to do these exercises exactly this, that’s okay, you can modify them anyway you like.

Star Jumps
● Crouch down bending your legs at the knees.
● Jump up and make a star shape with your arms and legs.
● Land with your feet together.

Step Ups
● Stand in front of the bottom step of the stairs (if no stairs are available, a step stool or solid box would work)
● Put your left foot on the step.
● Put your right foot on the step.
● Bring your left foot back to the floor.
● Bring your right foot back to the floor.

Standing Squats
● Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
● Lower your body so your knees are bent. Be careful not to extend your knees past your feet.
● Stand up.

Wall Push-Ups
● Stand facing a wall with feet shoulder width apart.
● Put your hands flat against the wall with arms stretched in front.
● Slowly bend your arms until you are two inches from the wall. Keep your back straight
● Push away from the wall.

“Moon walk” training
● If you have large sponges you (with an adult’s help) can attach them to your feet with yarn or a rubber band.
● Try to walk around.