a family wears gloves with spoons for fingers in a game

Animal Adaptation Relay

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In this game, race through different animal adaptations and see if you can be successful enough to beat out your fellow competitors.

Materials Lista family looks through goggles in a relay game

  • Toilet Paper
  • Large Swim Goggles
  • Plastic Cups
  • Clothes pins
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Duct Tape
  • Marbles (50 – 100)
  • Large Plastic Container
  • Small tupperware container
  • Construction Paper
  • Butterfly Stencil (or any invertebrate)
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Timer/Phone



  1. First create your station items:
    1. Using duct tape, attach two toilet paper rolls (still with toilet paper) to the swim goggles.
    2. Using duct tape, attach plastic spoons to each finger of the dishwashing gloves. Make sure to do both right and left sides.
    3. Print or purchase a butterfly stencil and trace your butterflies on a construction paper. 
      1. The number of butterflies needed depends on how many will be participating in the relay.
      2. 1 person = @ least 10 (double for each person being added)
      3. 2 person = @ least 20
  2. Set up your stationsa young person tries to play the relay game
    1. Station 1: Bug Eye Station
      1. Make sure there is goggles, a cup, and clothes pins for each participant
    2. Station 1: Claw Station
      1. Place 50–100 marbles into large plastic bin 
      2. Make sure there is clawed gloves for both hands for each participant
      3. Each participant should also have a small tupperware container
    3. Station 1: Camouflage Station
      1. Set up a colored background (construction paper) that is at least 5.5’ by 3’.
      2. Place butterfly cutouts of the same color on the background 
        1. At least ten butterflies per participant.
  3. Race
    1. Each participant must complete each station. They will be rewarded with points based on either how quickly they can complete the station or how many items they can collect.
    2. Station 1 – participants must drop a clothespin in a cup at least 10 times.
      1. First to finish will be awarded five points, four for second, and so on.
    3. Station 2 – participants must carry marbles from one container using their claw gloves to their personal container.
      1. First to gather at least 15 marbles in their personal container will be awarded five points, four for second, and so on.
    4. Station 3 – participants must grab as many butterflies as they can find on the background in 15 seconds
      1. The participant that gathers the most butterflies will be rewarded with five points, four for second, and so on.
    5. Calculate your points and determine who is the animal adaptation winner!

Were these animal adaptations helpful to you? Why or why not? Which animals do you think do well with these adaptations? Why? What other animal adaptations do you think you could add to the relay?