globular cluster, NASA illustration including a blue gas giant

Exoplanet Travel Brochure

Oh, the places you'll go

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artists rendering of an astronaut on a new planet filled with Lava (text LAVA LIFE)


It’s time travel to space, but where should we go? In this activity you must create a brochure to convince people to come visit an exoplanet of your choosing. Explore some exoplanets then choose your favorite. Come up with a catchy phrase and eye-catching poster that will convince everyone your exoplanet is the exoplanet to explore.


● Any type of paper: notebook, cardstock, printer, and poster board

● Coloring materials: colored pencils, paints, etc

● Info on exoplanets—take a look at this NASA page.


1. The first thing I would do is to look at some example brochures of exoplanets. NASA has created some really interesting posters to get your mind going.

2. Next pick out your exoplanet. My suggestion is pick one that NASA has not made a poster for and instead pick one that is missing. Don’t worry—there are plenty to choose from. Again, a good place to find an exoplanet would be NASA’s Eyes on Exoplanets.

3. Once you pick out your exoplanet, decide what would make people want to visit. Maybe it’s possibly habitable, maybe it has three stars, or maybe it is frozen solid. What do you think makes your exoplanet unique and interesting to see?

4. After you have your unique topic or fact. Make a fun catchphrase to get everyone’s attention. NASA came up with the catchphrase “lava life” for 55 Cancri 5 because it is believed to be covered in lava.

5. Now create an image of the planet and what makes it unique. You can create machinery, robots, or even homes that might help you explore the planet or live on the planet.

6. Make your brochure! Use whatever craft materials you want. If you’re not into drawing, maybe think about using old magazines or pictures.