Pathfinder on the surface of Mars

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In the video we learned about the engineering process and ways that aerospace engineers use that process to create spacecraft. We also discovered more about our neighboring planet, Mars. Here are a few more activities and resources where you can learn more!

Here are some resources to help you learn more:

Nasa Mars 2020 Mission

Mars Rovers

Curious Kids: What Are Some of the Challenges to Mars Travel?

Activity: How to design a spaceship

Packing for Mars word chain game

Here’s a fun game to play with your family or friends! Consider the things that humans would need to pack in order to live on Mars.

The first player names something they would pack to go to Mars: for example, water.

The next player names something they would pack to go to Mars that starts with the last letter of the last word added. (ex: That word was “water,” so the next player might say radiation shield, and the next person might say “dirt,” and the next person has to say something that starts with t, and so on.)

The same words may not be repeated in the same game. You can add a time limit (maybe 5 seconds) for the next player to think of a word.

Still want more? There’s so much more to learn about space on the Bell Museum’s website:

Constellation Hunters

Star maps

Statewide Star Party