Give to the Max Day - Nov. 17

Build a habitat for a mammoth at the Bell Museum + Planetarium!

Help bring a woolly mammoth to Minnesota and build it a habitat at the Bell Museum + Planetarium! With your support, we will create an immersive experience taking museum visitors back 12,000 years. This unique walk-through diorama and accompanying glacial theater will teach generations that Minnesota is constantly changing.

The woolly mammoth will allows us to teach about the Pleistocene epoch and glacial period, the formation of Minnesota’s biomes, our modern environment, and envisioning our future. Having an immersive experience is critical for engaging learners of all ages to be stewards of our natural resources.

Bell Woolly Mammoth

Make a gift to bring a woolly mammoth to the Bell Museum + Planetarium! You’ll help build critical science literacy skills, inspire wonder about our universe, and empower generations to create a better future for our evolving world. 

Make a gift on November 17 to support this project!

Grow your gift to mammoth proportions. We'll double your donation!

Thanks to a generous match from the James Ford Bell Foundation all donations to the Bell Museum + Planetarium will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 from November 17 - December 17, 2016.

By taking advantage of this match, you will double your donation, and double the impact of your support. For example, your contribution of $100 will be matched with an additional $100, making $200 available to support the Bell Museum + Planetarium.

Your gift makes a gigantic impact!

When you make a gift, you help:

  • Enhance the museum through the addition of a woolly mammoth and new features to our world-class dioramas
  • Provide 100% more visitors with engaging science experiences
  • Return a public planetarium to Minnesota
  • Grow educational programs by 25%
  • Increase access to underserved communities
  • Support the preservation of 4 million scientific specimens
  • Inspire the next generation of scientists, naturalists, and innovators
  • Ensure public access to research and informed conversations on science topics

Inspire generations of learners to the Max!

Help us make a colossal impact on your community with engaging science experiences!

  • $50 provides access to hands-on learning activities and timely science topics.
  • $100 supports the addition of learning technologies to our classrooms and the development of outdoor learning environments.
  • $500 helps preserve over 4 million scientific specimens, which are a critical to researchers making breakthrough discoveries.
  • $1,000 makes an enormous impact on the addition of a woolly mammoth and diorama enhancements. You’ll also get recognition on the donor wall at the Bell Museum + Planetarium.

Make a gift on November 17 to support this project!

Your gift at any level makes a huge difference! Thank you!