Public Engagement Projects

Share your scientific work with the public.

The Bell Museum of Natural History provides

  • An on-campus partner that understands your needs
  • Award-winning capability in video production, exhibit construction and K-12 curriculum development
  • Decades of experience matching ideas with resources

Why is working with the Bell Museum important?

Funders are looking for projects that deliver significant public impact. The Bell Museum is a proven informal science education partner that can help you obtain funding. We understand how to integrate teaching, research and outreach objectives so your project doesn't overwhelm you. We're skilled at scaling projects up or down based on your resources.

Public EngagementWe'll help bring your ideas to life.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your message?
  • Which medium will be most effective?
  • What are the constraints?
  • What will it cost?
  • How will you evaluate it?
  • What types of projects are receiving funding?

Questions just like these are a great way to start a conversation with our education professionals.

The Bell Museum can help you consider your options, make informed choices and provide the details you need for a successful grant application.

Examples of Public Engagement Projects

Most of these examples start at $5,000.00, but can quickly scale up to suit your needs. This is a partial list—we can be as practical and simplistic or creative and complex as you want us to be! Curious about the level of time and investment with each option? Here's a helpful guideline (.pdf) .

An Exhibit

Make the significance of what you do accessible to a range of audiences by capturing their interests and imaginations. From posters to displays for kiosks of cabinets to complete exhibits where photos, interpretive panels, hands-on activities, multimedia and objects will immerse the public in your science—demonstrating its value and documenting the thrill of discovery. Exhibits can be scaled from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet based on budgets between $10,000 and $250,000. Larger exhibits can tour the country, ultimately bringing your science to hundreds of thousands of people

Videos and Podcasts

Videos are often the most flexible and effective communication technique. Award-winning Bell Museum productions will help you create top quality pieces for use on your website, PowerPoint or YouTube, or longer pieces for broadcast or classroom use.

Café Scientifique

A live presentation can deliver an unmatched vitality and impact. Whether in the informal setting of a Bell museum Café Scientifique or a formal lecture or other venue, this presentation format works well with certain, particularly adult, audiences. We can help record these on digital video or audio for extended use.

K-12 Students

Teachers are always searching for new ways to enhance science classroom curriculum for their students. We can assist you in developing age-appropriate, content curriculum based on your scientific discipline in the form of programming and activities to impact learning and motivate student interest in the sciences.

K-12 Teachers

Schools and districts are in need of professional development opportunities for teachers. Provide teachers a deeper understanding of your scientific specialty through content and also provide them the necessary tools to effectively deliver classroom science programs.


A kiosk or simple display case-size exhibit that includes a few interpretive panels with text and graphics and an object or two that will explain your work in a compelling and memorable way.