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Calendar of Events

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Museum Info
: (612) 626-9660  |  |  10 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Parking is available in the 4th Street Ramp & Church Street Garage. Some metered parking is available on nearby streets.       


BIG Thursday!

April 2
free with museum admission

Enjoy a night at the museum with our most popular activities:

Sketch Night: Museum Dioramas — 6:30 pm
Film Screening: Watermark — 6:30 pm
Gallery Conversation: Eyes on the Universe — 5:30 pm
ExploraDome Theater: 6:30 & 7:15 pm


Saturday with a Scientist: Fossils & Prehistoric Animals

April 11, 11 am — 2 pm
free with museum admission

Scientist David Fox from the Earth Sciences Department and his graduate students will go back in geologic time to talk about what kinds of fossils are found in MN, all the different ways in which they were formed as well as introducing some of the prehistoric mammals that once roamed the continent. There will be interactive stations as well as a special presentation at 12 and 1 p.m.

Sensory-Friendly Saturday Mornings

April 18, 8—10 am
free with museum admission

Experience our dioramas, Touch & See Room, and planetarium show—all with lowered lighting, quieter sounds, and fewer visitors. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Siblings without sensory sensitivities are also welcome. Advanced Registration required.

Cafe Scientifique: Earth 2.0: Habitable Exoplanets?

April 21, doors 6 pm, program 7 pm
at Bryant Lake Bowl, tickets $5-$12, available online or at the door

Details TBA

Saturday with a Scientist: Physics Force

April 25, 11 am — 2 pm
free with museum admission

Defy gravity with currents, trick your eyes into seeing something that’s not actually there, and we might even be able to make your hair stand on end! Come experience the free Physics Force show from 12:00 - 1:00 where they do things on the grand scale to excite and induce wonder. Collisions, lasers and more! There will also be hands on demos from the Society of Physics Students and the UMN physics department.

Eyes on the Universe: Hubble 25 Anniversary

April 25
free with museum admission

Did you know the Hubble Space Telescope has made over 1 million observations since 1990? We will be celebrating that and more all day in the Eyes on the Universe exhibit.



Eyes on the Universe

Open through May 2015
West Gallery, free with museum admission

The universe is HUGE and to study it takes lots of eyes. From researchers at the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering to the citizen scientists that help them sort through mountains of data on interactive websites like Zooniverse, this exhibit explores how working together can help us make new discoveries.

Every weekend as well as Fridays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Eyes on the Universe is staffed by our interpretive guides. They are on hand to provide walk throughs of the exhibit and can assist groups with guided activities. 

Impact: Birds in the Human-Built World

Open through April 19, 2015
Jaques Gallery, free with museum admission

Birds don't understand glass the same way we do. They fly toward habitat or sky reflected in or seen through windows, often with fatal consequences. In Impact: Birds in the Human-Built World, artist Miranda Brandon offers a visual voice to generate new awareness and knowledge of the presence of birds in our everyday lives, expanding our capacity to understand the issues faced by birds moving through built spaces.

Birds & DNA: Biodiversity and Mountain Islands

Lobby Gallery, free with museum admission

Most of the forests of the Caucasus Mountains are being cut and their birds are at risk. These forest birds look similar to other species found in Europe, but are they really the same? A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota, along with Russian colleagues, are turning to DNA to answer that important question. If they are distinct populations, what conservation efforts need to happen to protect the birds of the Caucasus Mountains? Dive into the world of DNA in this new exhibit, and discover the mysteries of hidden biodiversity! 


ExploraDome Theater

Enjoy public daytime shows Friday through Sunday! Purchase Tickets

3 pm   Zoom! From Earth to the Edge of the Universe

1 pm   Zoom! From Earth to the Edge of the Universe
2 pm  Gravity Always Wins: The Death (and Life) of Stars - NEW
3 pm  Zoom! From Earth to the Edge of the Universe

1 pm   Zoom! From Earth to the Edge of the Universe
2 pm  Gravity Always Wins: The Death (and Life) of Stars - NEW
3 pm  Zoom! From Earth to the Edge of the Universe

ExploraDome Theater tickets are available online or by phone (612) 624-2345.
Shows routinely sell out in advance. We highly recommend reserving your tickets online.
[Purchase Tickets]

Limited rush tickets may be available at the door starting two hours prior to the show time.