Staff & Leaders

Camp leaders

Jake Anderson

I am a Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology student at the U of M, and I will be graduating next year. I've worked as a tour guide at the Bell Museum for two years, and assisted with camps last summer. I am excited to lead camps this year!

Michelle Chmura

I am a geologist and astronomer interested in Earth's surface features and what that can tell us about other planets and moons in our solar system! In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, star gazing and learning!

Carolyn Kocken

I am a sophomore at Montana State University, Bozeman studying geology with a paleontology focus; my interests include hunting for fossils, reading, and enjoying nature with my dog.

Laura Perticara

I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, studying Agricultural Education. I love to sing, read, take walks, and learn. I am excited to teach your camper this week!

Peter Schroedl

I am a student at the U of M pursuing a degree in Earth Sciences. This includes geology, geochemistry, geobiology, geophysics, oceanography, paleontology, and more! I study how the processes on Earth work and apply them on our own planet as well as our neighboring planets. I have worked at the planetarium in the Bell Museum for the last two years. I have been teaching for the last five years and I hope I can inspire your children to be as curious about this topic as I am!

Ana Suson

I am recent graduate of the U of M's Ecology, Evolution & Behavior program, and am currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Education through Hamline University. I love science and animals, so when I'm not at the Bell Museum, I can usually be found at the zoo or humane society!

Camp assistants


(L to R) Chloe Colvin, Alaina Friedrich, Grace Prins, Rachel Smilanich, Tedd Uphus

Camp directors


Katie Speckman, co-director

I am the School & Family Programs Coordinator at the Bell Museum and this will be my 8th year directing summer camps. I have a degree in Environmental Education and Interpretation from UW-Stevens Point.  I have two children, Jack (6) and Betty (3), and I'm very passionate about helping kids explore the natural world around them and learn new and exciting things.


Heather Hendrickson, co-director

I am the K–12 Outreach Educator at the Bell Museum. This is my 3rd year involved with the behind-the-scenes work of Summer Camps. I have a masters degree in Entomology fromt he U of M and enjoy being able to bring an extra "buggy" spin to some of our summer camps and other programming. I have a fantastic stepson (14) who has sadly outgrown the Bell's Summer Camps.


David Hahn, assistant director


Rebecca McLaughlin, school & family programs assistant