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Bell-R-C-Sci-Inverts-musselCollection History

The invertebrate collection at the Bell Museum of Natural History contains nearly 18,000 lots, some of which date to 1875. The majority of specimens are freshwater mollusks collected in Minnesota, and represent an important Upper Midwest Collection. All specimens are entered into a database searchable by invertebrate collection staff. The invertebrate collection also contains the old Minneapolis Library collection of Indo-Pacific mollusks. Specimens are stored as shells or in ethanol.

For more information on the invertebrate collection at the Bell Museum of Natural History please contact the Interim Curator, Dr. Andrew Simons, at, or at 612.624.6292.

Donation Guidelines

Thank you for depositing material at the Bell Museum of Natural History. To maximize the scientific utility of your specimens we need accurate collection information.

I. The following must be included for each site that material was collected from:

II. We would also appreciate the following additional information with your submission(s):

III. Please submit resulting publications or reports based on voucher material for our file.

IV. Include the following contact information with your specimens:

Click here to download a donation form (.pdf file)

Please contact Dr. Andrew Simons, at, or at 612.624.6292 with any questions regarding these guidelines. Thank you again for your contributions to the Bell Museum of Natural History.


The following people work together to produce useful resources for public, scientific, and academic use.

Interim Curator
— Dr. Andrew Simons 
100 Ecology Bldg., 1987 Upper Buford Circle, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone (612) 624-6292
Collection Manager — Jonathan Slaght (2004- present)
Volunteer Research Assistant — Mark C. Hove (1990-present)


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